Our Company

“Protecting the most valuable asset of every business – People

Gland is the premier distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Malaysia. At Gland, we believe every worker has the right to a safe workplace, and to be equipped with the most important tool – their safety equipment.

Formerly known as Buildtech Industries, the company was established in 1997 with a mission to keep workers safe throughout the workday. Gland Sdn Bhd, the company as it stands today, was officially incorporated in 2011.

Through a commitment to provide the best possible product, Gland has expanded its portfolio over the years to offer full range of safety equipment for all types of industries.

Our Culture

“Sustainability at the heart of our operations”

At Gland, sustainability is more than just a policy – it is a culture embedded into the fabric of the company. It is a dedication to the environment, and a respectful and fair treatment of our stakeholders, which comprise of suppliers, customers, employees and the authorities. It is a practice that represents a vision for the future.

After all, we believe it is not what we do, but how we do it that matters, and that is our ultimate competitive advantage.


Our Customers

“Where every customer is a partner”

Workplace safety has always been our priority, and our people are ready to go above and beyond to deliver just that. Whether it is for industrial or individual needs, we exceed our customers expectation  by supplying quality equipment tailored to their requirements. And most importantly, treating them as our valued partners.

Through out the years, we have built a customer base that spans across the country, from Northern, Central, Southern and East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia. They come from diverse industries, such as property development, facilities construction, oil and gas, marine, manufacturing and plantation, among others. Some of our customers include MMC-Famuda, IJM Construction, Mudajaya, MRCB, Sime Darby Industrial and many more.

Our Products

“Your reliable safety provider”

This is the Gland motto, and for nearly two decades since our very first product introduction, we have remained true to our word. We strive to deliver comfortable personal protective equipment of the highest quality to help safeguard your workers, and to ensure your organization complies with workplace safety standards.

Our Product portfolio has expanded over the years to offer a full range of protective equipment from head to toe, including:

We are also the official reseller and  one of the main distributor of Oscar Safety Shoes in Malaysia.

   Product Brands