• Ideally for rescue personnels on high mobility and onsite emergency respones.
  • Waist carries with free hands mobility in emergency tasks.
  • Designed and made with Nylon 420D material.
  • Size : 90(L) x 70(W) x 130(H) mm
  • Weight : 500g (with Content)
  • Bag Color : Red, Green
Content Listing
1. Waist Pouch 1 pc
2. Confirming First Aid Dressing w/Pad (8cm x 10cm x 5m) 1 roll
3. Confirming Elastic Gauze Bandage (8cm x 4m) 1 roll
4. Sterile Gauze Pad (5cm x 5cm x 5’s) 1 set
5. Sterile Eye Pad (6cm x 8cm) 1 pc
6. Elastic Fabric Plaster Strip (19mm x 76mm) 4 pcs
7. Elastic Fabric Plaster Strip (25mm x 76mm) 2 pcs
8. Elastic Fabric Plaster Strip (38mm x 38mm Square Shape) 2 pcs
9. Elastic Fabric Plaster Strip (45mm x 55mm Butterfly Shape) 1 pc
10. Elastic Fabric Plaster Strip (38mm x 76mm H Shape) 1 pc
11. Alcohor Prep Pad (30mm x 65mm) 2 pcs
12. Normal Saline Wipe (30mm x 65mm) 2 pcs
13. Sting Relief Wipe’s (30mm x 65mm) 1 pc
14. Adhesive Tape w/dispencer (1.25cm x 5m) 1 pc
15. Stainless Steel Scissor (10mm) 1 pc
16. Disposable Vinyl Gloves 2’s 1 pair
17. Basic Life Support Card 1 pc
18. General Usage Guide 1 pc
19. First Aid Guide Booklet 1 pc
20. Content Listing 1 pc

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Mini Rescue Kit


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