• Use for Oil & Gas Drilling, Extraction & Refining, Fracking, Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition, Heavy Construction, Rigging
  • Back of Hand Protection
    – Impact absorbing 3-D Thermoplastic Rubber Ribs.B160
    – 4 heavy duty rubber ribs are designed to absorb and dissipate impacts to the back of the hand.
  • Knuckle Protection
    – Foam rubber padding placed between fabric layers provides added protection and flexibility.
    – An additional band of Thermoplastic Rubber for protection against more severe impacts.
  • Finger and Thumb Protection
    – One of the most unique features of this glove is the 3-D Thermoplastic Finger Ribs.
    – These impact absorbing ribs provide extra protection while at the same time offer flexibility because of their unique flexible joint construction.


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