• Made from high quality nitrile rubber for long working life & heavy duty work.
  • Resistance to variety of chemical product and excellent against abrasion & punctures.
  • Ergonomically & anatomical designed ensures user ease of movement and great comfort.
  • Application: Chemical processing, oil refining, battery manufacturing, plant maintenance, pesticides handling food processing & environment waste clean-up.
Model Size Thickness Length
RNF-15 8,9,10 0.40mm ± 0.03mm (15-16mils) 33cm(13″)
RNF-18 8,9,10 0.46mm ± 0.03mm (17-19mils) 33cm(13″)
RNU-22 8,9,10 0.6mm ± 0.03mm (22mils) 45cm(18″)


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