4048-RNlA 1603

  • RN/A 1603 is a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus designed for maintenance works in chemical plants and industrial areas, for rescue operations and, generally,  in all cases where there is, or may be, oxygen deficiency.
  • RN/A 1603 adds the highest degree of safety and comfort to the efficiency, versatility and simple use of the MK2 System, as well as the astonishing field of vision of the Spasciani TR 2002 a mask.
  • RN/A 1603 is fitted with an automatic demand valve which keeps a positive pressure in the mask thus avoiding any possible inward leakage of contaminated air from the outside. Should it become necessary the positive pressure mode can be activated by acting on the special button that acts as a supplementary air command.
  • The demand valve is connected to the medium pressure hose by means of a quick coupling which allows to disconnect it very easily for maintenance.
  • Pressure Reducer: piston with compensator.
  • Automatic Demand Valve: with integral alarm device and supplementary supply button.
  • Setting of the Alarm : 55 ± 5 bar.
  • Volume/pressure of Cylinder: 6 l/ 300 bar.
  • Air reserve: 1660 N litres.
  • Duration: 55 min at an average consumption of 30 l/min.


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