• OIL Only :
  1. Absorb oil leaks around machinery.
  2. Use for heavy & light manufacturing, transportation, printing, & etc.
  • UNIVERSAL Only :
  1. Absorbing oils solvent, water, and other non-aggressive liquids
  • CHEMICAL Only :
  1. Absorbing petroleum-based fluids, aggressive, & non-aggressive chemicals and aqueous-based Solution.
Type Model Size Quantity Absorbency
Oil BOS-SOC7612 Ø7.6cmx1.2m 12pcs/carton >100liter/carton
Oil BOS-SOC7636 Ø7.6cmx3.6m 4pcs/carton >100liter/carton
Universal MOS-SOC7612 Ø7.6cmx1.2m 12pcs/carton >100liter/carton
Universal MOS-SOC7636 Ø7.6cmx3.6m 4pcs/carton >100liter/carton
Chemical HOS-SOC7612 Ø7.6cmx1.2m 12pcs/carton >100liter/carton
Chemical HOS-SOC7636 Ø7.6cmx3.6m 4pcs/carton >100liter/carton


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